Many industries like hospitality, retail, manufacturing and supplier chains, are facing challenges on the shortage of labor. Automation technology is the way out to save cost and resources. 3D Networks have vast experience in delivering automation systems to streamline operation processes through mobile apps, robotics and other emerging digital solutions.


Big data can help organizations to deliver tangible business results, such as sales increase, productivity gain or better quality in service delivery. 3D Networks helps customers to deploy systems that enable them to understand their business performance and improve decision making through the intelligence gained from the vast amounts of data available to an organization.


The demand for AI technologies are huge nowadays and organizations are willing to invest in AI to tap the business benefits. Together with our AI software partners, 3D Networks helps customers to understand the potential AI opportunities to support diverse environments and meet changing business needs.

Customer Experience

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Having been at the forefront of the world’s dynamic technology sector for over 18 years, we have accumulated extensive experience through working with various organisations globally and understand that customer experience is one of key elements for a successful project. 3D Networks has developed a winning strategy to meet the technological needs while delivering the best customer experience.

Mobile first

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Organizations are looking for more than just connectivity and mobile devices. They want to extend the functionality and use of business applications to mobile devices with the same level of security as a desktop computer. 3D Networks works with world class partners to deliver mobile business applications and integrate them with back-end systems.


Many organizations are adopting cloud computing technology to get all the benefits such as scalability, cost and resources saving. 3D Networks is well placed to advise you on moving business applications and infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud, data migration, changes in business processes or ongoing management of your cloud services.

Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is an unstoppable force and is changing the practices in many industries. 3D Networks experts will work with you to embrace digital disruption, and even plan for it. Digital disruption means there is a change in consumer needs and therefore working with the tide allows you to fulfil these emerging needs and opening up opportunities for new customers.

Future proof

Organizations face a dilemma for all the value and disruptive potential that Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide. Using the insights gained, 3D Networks works with you to produce transformation plans or implement immediate tactical fixes that deliver real business benefits and avoid the pitfalls of constant design changes or evolving technology standards.

For a successful deployment of an apps or a solution, it is very important to provide your end-users a pleasurable experience with an engaging user interface. 3D Networks focuses on user experience that enabling simplification and enhancement of the interaction between the business and the users, no matter it is a website or mobile app.

Offline to Online

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Transforming from offline to online business is not a simple switch, without the right set of tools and planning, the transition can turn out to be a frustrating experience. 3D Networks spans the whole range of digital transformation capabilities, making sure the transition is properly implemented with the right infrastructure and technology solutions in place.