Hotel Owners and Operators

The architectural design of new-build hotels and the design of the IT infrastructure to be deployed within are often independent operations that take place years apart.

With no generally accepted design guidelines to follow, the resulting outdated designs and incorrect cabling and power installations often affect the deployment of key technology infrastructure.  Operators, who are often selected after construction is well under way, are forced to compromise. They must choose between using outdated network designs, making costly upgrades or modifying the building structure itself, or face operational work-arounds in the years to come as they inevitably strive to improve guest services and operational efficiency.

This is where 3D Networks come in: to develop comprehensive IT architectural and design guidelines and commissioning checklists to ensure that proper technologies are in place when the building is commissioned.  

These proposed architectural and design guidelines will address physical and RF infrastructures such as data centres, vertical risers, conduit, wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, Cellular), physical network topologies and the power requirements necessary to support modern infrastructure as well as account for hotel applications, telephony and in-room entertainment.

Guest Experience

In the hospitality industry, it’s all about the guest experience. In this age of information technology, guests carry an assortment of IT devices for work and play.  Hotels need foresight to equip themselves with suitable cost-effective technologies that are not going to be outdated with the next wave of innovation and will continue to support the guest experience and hotel operational efficiency. 

By differentiating your services through technology, we do things differently, making it that much more possible for you to impress your guests with highly personal service that will keep them coming back.

Drawing on our experience with global hotel brands, 3D Networks is here to help you select the next-generation technologies to keep your guests delighted. From basic infrastructure to proactive service, with our help, you’ll be able to understand your guest records and identify your customer preferences to deliver customised personalised services even before they ask.
With real-time knowledge of your guests, their locations and the time of day, send them personalised messages offering special services on their mobile devices to encourage them to spend in the hotel wherever they are. This increases their chances of using the service, creating new revenue streams for your hotel.

3D Networks ICT solutions enhance your guest services for an unforgettable and differentiated guest experience.

Back of House

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, Back of House operations form the backbone of every hotel. It is crucial that every operation and process runs smoothly and efficiently to ensure rapid response times and reduced dependency on resources. That’s where 3D Networks comes in.

3D Networks understands the tight co-ordination needed between operational departments from Housekeeping, Front Office and Engineering, etc. to deliver prompt guest services in the most efficient manner. Using the latest technology, we empower the Back of House with mobile and trackable information, so your teams can deliver guest services and act upon guests’ requests effectively and track follow-ups across the property. 

With real-time, up-to-date information on hotel employees, you can easily locate and interact with staff in real time to see to issues immediately. Through automation, we customise your processes, reducing your reliance on low-grade staff and boosting efficiency. Operational guest services data outside the PMS can also be tracked and centrally reported so that proactive measures can be taken to anticipate your guests’ needs.

With 3D Networks ICT solutions, we can streamline and automate your processes for a more efficient and responsive Back of House operations.

Hotel Facility Management

Traditionally, building management systems were largely inefficient, with separate cables, consoles and systems managed by different operators and engineers. With duplications of systems, initial build cost was high.

At 3D Networks, we specialise in creating facilities systems that operate in the most cost-efficient way. Using IT, we create future-ready infrastructure that combines 9-10 subsystems into one convenient platform such as Access Controls and Room Automation Systems that sense, monitor, automate and report on events that require attention rapidly. Scalable and cost-effective, this infrastructure is easily adapted to new technologies and minimises the need for manpower and additional capital expenditure.

With video surveillance, guest safety and security is enhanced. Video analytics systems track unattended baggage and loiterers while face recognition technology alerts you to black-listed and VIP guests.

Entertainment and training rooms are also enhanced with AV technology such as 4K hi-definition, large-screen LED consoles and wireless Collaboration Projection Systems to provide a more dynamic visual experience. When not in use, the equipment can be hidden to maintain aesthetics.

At 3D Networks, we deliver ICT solutions that are future-ready, cost-effective and designed to enhance your operations.

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