Ageing populations and changing lifestyle trends in developing and developed nations are placing an ever-increasing burden on the provision of healthcare, including the ability to provide basic health services. 3D Networks Healthcare framework introduces a suite of innovative ICT solutions to enable healthcare providers to increase efficiency, improve outcomes and reduce costs.


Today, care for patients extends beyond medical support and treatment to encompass the entire patient care and recovery experience. That’s why it’s important for healthcare professionals to be able to empower, educate and entertain their patients during and even after hospital care.

Using technology, we help healthcare professionals raise the quality of care by delivering an optimal patient experience. Through a multi-function console, patients can perform multiple self-service tasks from their bed/ward such as ordering meals and giving feedback. Most importantly, they can communicate with their loved ones from the hospital, which will greatly aid the recovery process.

Patients can also read materials on their condition and educate themselves on their health problems and learn the best routes to their recovery. Designed with a multilingual interface, the console accommodates medical tourists as patients can select their preferred language.

Best of all, the console acts as a source of entertainment for patients, offering Internet access and games, to provide a distraction from their condition and aid in their recovery.

3D Networks ICT solutions streamline the patient care process and empower your healthcare professionals to raise the quality of care to deliver an unforgettable patient experience.


Caregivers are crucial to a patient’s recovery. But they must have the correct information to be able to deliver quality care to their patients. At 3D Networks, we ensure that caregivers have all the relevant information they need to guide their decisions by providing solutions that support mobility, communications and medical applications such as electronic medical records and PACS.

By ensuring that accurate patient information is readily available and on the go, we enable doctors to collaborate to deliver top-quality care at all times. Access to the information is secured with the necessary authentication. For added security, data restriction protocols can be added to include the time and location for such data access. This ensures that only the right people have access at the right place and time.

The use of patient consoles also means that doctors no longer need to carry around charts and iPads. Instead, they can simply call up patient information securely on each patient’s console, enabling them to enjoy a convenient hands-free system.

For patient security, wearable tags are a preferred option to call buttons at fixed locations so assistance is always within reach should patients have a fall or require help in an emergency. These tags omit signals to notify caregivers when and where a patient is in trouble, so that first aid can be rendered as soon as possible.

With the digitalisation of information and availability of broadband Internet, hospital facilities can now be extended to offer personalised bed care monitoring in your patients’ own homes. Patients can bring home the hospital’s patient consoles, which come complete with wearable tags with panic button, telephony and video capabilities, allowing them to communicate with the caregivers as and when needed.

With 3D Networks ICT solutions, we ensure that your caregivers have the information and tools they need to provide the highest quality of care.


Even after a patient has checked out, often, they still require medical treatment and support. With technology, care at home is made easy with healthcare professionals being able to monitor patients from afar without having to make house calls. This improves caregiver productivity, enhances the level of patient services and increases operations cost savings.

To deliver a better patient experience at the hospital, self-service stations can be installed so that patients can self-register, reducing their waiting time. Doctors can also be easily and quickly located in emergency situations, rather than by paging or PA systems. With real-time, up-to-date information on hospital staff, your nurses will know when to escalate calls and to whom they should be assigned.

Location tracking can also be applied to critical medical equipment so your hospital staff can quickly identify available units and track their locations in times of emergency.

3D Networks ICT solutions revolutionise monitoring and alert systems in the healthcare field, enabling faster response times under the most critical circumstances.  This includes the hospital pharmacy, which is constantly monitored for temperature and humidity changes to maintain the integrity of products and ensure regulatory compliance.

3D Networks ICT solutions for Healthcare enable your hospital administration to mitigate risks, improve the quality for care, meet regulatory requirements, reduce workloads through automation and self-service, and ultimately control cost through streamlined processes.

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