At 3D Networks, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey. As such, we provide a selection of innovative solutions for learning practitioners and educators, whether in traditional educational spaces or across corporate settings. Through our integrated technological ecosystem, we create a tailored environment that transforms learning spaces and experiences.

Enabling Next-gen Education

As teaching trends continue to evolve, creating an environment in which learners and teachers can readily share information and collaborate requires the support of a full range of ICT  infrastructure solutions, application solutions and AV technologies.

As technologies develop, possibilities expand in the learning environment even as traditional barriers to accessing and sharing information are removed. In its place today are collaborative learning spaces not only on campus or in training facilities, but virtually, enabling learning across borders and time zones. In that new reality, project collaboration between multiple agencies, groups and stakeholders are the norm. This becomes the power precursor to creating new information and knowledge.

3D Networks ICT solutions transform your learning and collaborative spaces, opening up exciting new educational experiences.

In the Classroom

The key to successful collaborative learning in the classroom is to create spaces where information can be shared instantly through a wide choice of devices.

Wireless gadgets take centre stage as study materials are projected on multiple screens, promoting greater learning and interactivity. These study materials can also be easily shared in groups via documents and emails, facilitating the learning process.

For more reticent students unused to formal presentations or group settings, being able to share information from their laptops from their seats encourages greater collaboration and sharing of ideas that might otherwise have been lost.

Students also gain from knowledge shared by overseas guest speakers they would ordinarily not have access to as well as the opportunity to collaborate on overseas projects through video/voice calls. Professors too can now digitally collaborate with guest lecturers through video links and enhance the quality of their lectures by incorporating rich content formats.

With 3D Networks ICT solutions, we bring the world to you for a more dynamic and enriching collaborative learning environment.

Behind the Scenes

In today’s modern classrooms, laptops, videos, tablets and other mobile devices have taken the place of traditional teaching tools. As we witness the inexorable progress of our digital age, educational and corporate institutions will confront the need to create a robust infrastructure that is cost-effective, secure, and has the ability to support diverse devices in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world.

By providing a safe environment conducive to all platforms, we foster an open concept that delivers a user-centric experience to make more possible. Our goal is to help you differentiate your institution through technology to stand out from the crowd.

With everything on the cloud and in digital formats, you can share resources such as global training and refreshers electronically via video across time zones, capture training and play back videos, anytime, anywhere. The need for physical documents is also reduced, saving costs and fulfilling CSR requirements.

Beyond hardware, we will help you manage costs through our business consulting services by analysing your needs and recommending the right solutions that will fit your budget and meet your goals. This is what makes 3D Networks more than just an ICT solutions provider.

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